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    About Us

    We are proud to say that our journey is rightly aligned with the global evolution of the internet space. We started our journey 17 years back and since then, it is an exciting and challenging journey with every new project. We have not just built a team of professionals but also professionals with expertise, especially in real estate. We have grown with the advancement in software and technology.

    Real Estate Photo Services is a subsidiary of Photo Editing India, housing state-of-the-art digital and technological infrastructure to cater for a wide range of industries. We have always employed a futuristic approach to delivering our services. It has helped us onboard clients all around the world across business domains. To ensure the efficient delivery of services within the stipulated time frame, we have an in-house cloud infrastructure for storage with upgraded security.

    We provide a wide range of image enhancement services like clipping path, portrait retouching, photo clipping for print media, background removal, photo clipping for ecommerce sites, website image optimization, ghost mannequin and neck joint services, clipping path for shadows, or any photo editing service that you can think of. Our client list includes ecommerce sites, retail and online businesses, professional and freelance photographers, advertising businesses, print media, and much more.


    Clipping path

    Reflection Shadows is another key technique used in clipping path services. Reflection shadows simulate the original reflections produced by a mirror or glass.

    Why Choose Us

    Image clipping

    Remove background from image 100% Crop, rotate, fix colors, add shadows & reflections.

    Deep etching

    Deep-etching is a graphic design term used to describe the process of removing a specific section

    Photo cut-out

    Easily Remove Backgrounds from Photos . Cutting out the background from photos is a popular photo editing procedure.


    The multi-clipping path service allows you to make more versatile changes to complex images.

    Multiple clipping paths

    multi-clipping path is a complex clipping path with additional paths carefully crafted within the product or shot.

    Closed vector path

    Closed path is a shape with no end points. Path automatically closes when you return to the START point.


    What Our Clients Say

    Listen to what our clients says.

    “We really appreciate the efforts of your team and the business principles you follow. It’s made our job much easier. Thank you.”

    –  Ananth

    “Great editing, good TAT and pricing were very competitive. Loved working with you team. We will come back for our future projects.”

    –   John J.

    “Great work and congratulation to the team for finishing the project on Time. We will get back to you again when we have similar bulk image editing project. “

    –  Smith T.


    Clipping path services

    Put your product on any background. Take tedious, nitty-gritty photo edits off your plate with outsourced clipping path services.

    Feel Free To Contact Us

    Feel free to Get a Quote/ Free Trial/ Contact us if you need high quality and professional image editing services. We work for Photographers, E-commerce site owner, Online Retailer or Store Personnel, Advertising agencies, Printing Companies, Graphic Design Agencies, and more.


    A shadow gives a professional look to a product image and makes it more appealing.

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