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Web Image Optimization

Images are one of the crucial factors that contribute to the contents of a web page, yet several businesses and e-commerce websites only contain text contents. It is significant to note that web users prefer not to spend too much time on websites that contain text contents only, which is why it is best to use high-quality images on your website.

Attractive and appealing images of your products can help you to lure in prospective customers with ease, which in turn brings more revenue to your business. However, if you lack proper knowledge on how to do website image optimization, it is best to seek the help of a photo clipping service.

An experienced clipping path service company will be easily able to optimize your images without compromising their appeal or quality. Below are a few steps used by photo clipping service providers when they perform website image optimization for their clients.

Straightening the Images

Images that were captured when the camera was tilted or crooked needs to be straightened and adjusted first. So, a clipping path service company will initially use an accurate Photoshop tool and perform the necessary editing steps until they have fully straightened the image.

Cropping the Unused Area

Photo Clipping Service
Straightening The Images

Once they have finished straightening your image, the clipping path service company will effectively crop the extra unwanted or unused regions from the image. This will not only put the focus back on your product but also help you to instantly capture the attention of potential customers and other viewers who are visiting your business website.

Replacing the Background

Background removal or background replacement is one of the most widely used photo editing techniques for website image optimization. Photo editors use the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop to efficiently remove the background of your image. In addition to that, they will also put back a much more attractive background to add more appeal to your ordinary digital image.

Even though image cropping reduces the size of your image, it doesn’t produce the same result as image resizing. This is why photo editors resize your image once they have completed the above three process. Once they have finished resizing the images, they save the image in “Save for Web & Device” format to make your image ready for website optimization.