Clipping Path Service
Clipping Path Service
Clipping Path Service

You might have to remove the original background of your images and add a different one to them in certain circumstances. Sometimes, the background of your original image might not be appealing or may have some unwanted things. In such cases, background removal can become necessary to improve the appeal of your images.

Why Should You Remove The Background Of Images?

Different circumstances demand removing the original background of your images. Some of them include:

  • Presence of some unwanted things in the background
  • You need to add a different background
  • To showcase the product photos in a white background for the e-commerce industry
  • To give more attention to your subject
  • Noise in the background
  • Avoid things that distract the viewers from the subject

Removing the background can bring a drastic transformation to your images. But you have to do it carefully so that the originality of your images won’t be affected.

There are different photo editing techniques used by professionals to remove image backgrounds. An image background removal technique can be selected based on the complexity and nature of your images.

The following are some of the commonly used image background removal techniques:

Clipping Path Service: This is one of the commonly used techniques by professional photo editors to produce high-quality images. When you have to edit complex images, this technique can be greatly valuable for you.

Clipping path service combines different tools in Photoshop to efficiently isolate the subject from the original background of your images. If your images have minute details, like the fur of an animal or the hair of the model, then this technique can be the best option.

If you want your edited images to have high quality and originality, then the image clipping service can serve this purpose. But unlike other methods, this technique demands certain levels of expertise in Photoshop and using its tools.

Image Cut-Out: This is a simple technique that involves cutting out the subject and removing the background.

Image Clipping Service
Image Clipping Service

Image Masking: This is another efficient method that can be beneficial in removing the background of your images. There are different types of masking techniques used by professionals including complex layer masking, alpha channel masking, collage masking, translucent image masking, and transparency masking.

Erasing The Background: If your images are not complex, then you can simply remove the image background using the “Eraser” tool. But this method might not be suitable for complex images.

Therefore, choose a method based on the type and complexity of the images you have to edit.