Clipping Path Service
Clipping Path Service
Clipping Path Service

The clipping path service is an efficient photo editing technique used by professionals to bring a wide array of changes to images. This technique combines different tools in Photoshop to isolate a specific object and remove the background from images.

You can effectively use the clipping path service for a lot of purposes. It is widely used to edit product photos, as this technique allows to isolate products from their original background and set them on a white background. Additionally, the clipping path photo editing technique can also be used for color correction, neck joint services, ghost mannequins, etc.

The Pen tool is mainly used for making a clipping path to isolate the desired objects. It is possible for you to use this technique to create stunning photos. The following are the important steps you have to follow for editing images using a clipping path.

Open The Image: Open the image you want to edit in Photoshop. The path to follow for opening an image in Photoshop is File->Open. The image you select will appear as the background layer.

Pick The Tool: The toolbar will contain different tools that are necessary to edit images. To create a clipping path, you have to choose the Pen tool from them.

Draw A Path: This is the most important step to follow for creating a clipping path around the object you want to isolate. This task can be a little time-consuming, but you have to do it with great care to properly isolate the object without any flaws.

You can put anchor points to complete your clipping path and it is also possible for you to remove these points if you make any mistakes.

Photo Clipping Service
Photo Clipping Service

Save The Path: After the creation of the path using the Pen tool, you should save it. Select the path you have drawn from the Paths Panel and double-click on it. Add a name you like for the path and save it.

Clip The Path: Visit the Paths Panel again and open the menu. There you can find the option “clipping path”, which can convert your original image into a clipping path.

Save As EPS: After clipping the image, make sure to save it as EPS.

Use The Image: After saving the clipping path, you can use it on your images without a background.

The photo clipping service will allow you to edit your images in an efficient way. But it might not be suitable for complex images with minute details. You will have to use more advanced editing techniques like image masking to edit such photos.