Product photography performs a lot of important tasks including attracting customers, inspiring interest, and triggering sales. Your product photos can play a great role in generating sales and boosting your income. Therefore, it is important to avoid mistakes in product photography.  

However, even the most experienced photographers can make mistakes, but you have to avoid them from your product photos before uploading them to an e-commerce site. You can eliminate the flaws in your product images with the aid of photo editing software. 

There are certain mistakes that photographers usually make when shooting products photos. Take note of the mistakes discussed below and ensure to avoid them while taking your product photos:

Poor Lighting

Lighting is important for all types of photos, not just product photography. If the lighting is wrong, then there is only so much you can edit during the post-processing. The most common mistake that is often found to be made by photographers is mixing different light sources (like fluorescent lighting plus daylight). The white balance settings on your camera can be different for each source of light. So, if you mix different light sources, it can give you unwanted challenges. 

The use of a single light source is advised to get congruent outcomes. If the lighting is not proper, you can miss the essential details of your product. 

Incorrect White Balance

When setting your camera, it is important to ensure that the white balance is set properly. If the white balance settings are wrong, the colors in your photo will not remain true or inaccurate. You have to adjust the white balance based on the source of light you use. LED and fluorescent lights can create a cooler shade in your photos, whereas, natural light can offer a warm look. So, you have to adjust your white balance to complement this look. 

Product Photography

Not Shooting on a White Background

Most e-commerce sites exhibit product photos on a white background. So, it is better to shoot your images on a white background. However, even if it is not possible, you can add a white background to product images during the post-processing stage. Image editing techniques like photo clipping service can be beneficial for this purpose. You can remove the original background using the background removal service and add a white background to your image so that it can fit the standards of e-commerce sites. 

It is important to maintain the clarity, quality, uniformity of your images to attract more customers and boost sales.