The growth of e-commerce has led to a renewed interest in product photography due to its requirement of high-quality images. These images are used to represent the products to the customers who are browsing through an e-commerce portal. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the images remain properly optimized for viewing on such websites. You have come across such images in most e-commerce portals having all the right parameters for providing visual information and these images are usually edited by a clipping path company.

Apart from the process of capturing these products itself, another process called image editing is applied to these images to make them appealing and suitable for viewing on the web. This is where image editing and its many complicated processes like clipping path play a dominant role. Clipping path is the most commonly used process for product images. This technique requiring a high level of expertise in using various professional editing software like Photoshop.

At Photo Editing India, we are specialized in the process of clipping path. We provide an extensive range of clipping path services that will immensely benefit you if you are looking for a reliable clipping path company. Our services extend to all kinds of applications such as design houses, photographers, web developers, brands and publishing houses.

Why Use Clipping Path?

Clipping path is an indispensable part of all kinds of editing processes. Most commonly used for product images, clipping path ensures that they remain appropriate for publishing on e-commerce or company websites. Clipping path refers to the process of separating the key properties of an image from its background. It uses the pen tool in Photoshop to draw out a closed vector path along the edges of a product to separate it from the background.

If you want to display any of your product images on your site or any e-commerce portal, it is necessary that the images undergo the clipping path process. This will effectively separate your product images whether it be jewelry, dresses or any other kinds of products from its captured background. As a reputable clipping path service provider, we apply many finishing processes to the clipped image making it appear more natural and pleasing in appearance.

Clipping Path CompanyServices Offered By Us

At Photo Editing India, we offer a range of services related to image clipping path. This is specifically designed to cater to the demands of any kind of sector such as advertising, e-commerce, publishing houses, web development etc. Clipping path not only involves separating the product from the background but in the application of other processes as well. This is our key specialties as our dedicated team is capable of applying the right finishing processes in clipping path.

As a professional clipping path service provider, we are offering four types of services. This depends entirely on the complexity of the work outsourced to us. These can be categorized as simple clipping path, complex clipping path, clipping path with shadow and clipping path with reflection. If the images that you offer contain simple elements such as objects with straight or curved edges, we will apply some of the basic techniques of clipping path.

For images with numerous complex shapes, we carry out extensive techniques using the pen tool to make sure that the shapes are neatly separated from the background. The other key process that we apply to clipped images is creating shadows and reflections. During the final stages, we add drop shadows to make the images appear more realistic. Reflections are also added to the clipped images in order to provide a sort of depth to the images.

Why Choose Photo Editing India Clipping Path Company

Images are vital for any of your business especially those that are used on the web. We understand this aspect and strive to offer the best clipping path services in accordance with your demands. As a reliable clipping path company, we at Photo Editing India clearly understand the requirements of each type of clients. We have an in-house team of professionals well versed in the field of image editing, especially clipping path.

Our team ensures every of your image is subjected to rigorous procedures and standards in editing. This helps to make the images perfect for use in any kind of media. In addition, we utilize a combination of the latest software and hardware that will deliver your images clipped and ready to use within your prescribed deadline.

Moreover, we also offer a competitive pricing package for our services especially if you are outsourcing in bulk. This provides you with huge discounts thereby delivering you with quality images at the least expense and time.

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