Why Photo Retouching is a Wiser Option for Jewelry

Photographing jewelry products can be a tricky task, especially if they are meant to be uploaded or sold through an ...
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Background Removal Service

Top 5 Applications of Photo Editing Services for E-Commerce Products

Product photo editing is now a lucrative business in the e-commerce segment. Online stores hire a clipping path company to ...
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Tips to Choose the Perfect Ghost Mannequin for your Online Business

When it comes to online business, clipping path services play a crucial role in enhancing the product photography. Two of ...
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Ghost Mannequin Service

Editing a Photo in Photoshop for a Ghost Mannequin Effect

The ghost mannequin effect is capable of giving dimension to a product that a model or mannequin obscures. Ghost mannequin ...
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The Trends in Fashion Photo Editing

Newer trends have come about in fashion photo editing and they resonate the change in times and available technology. Each ...
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